Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Running the Fence

We have been working hard on training the dogs, both in and out of the garden. Over all they are pretty well behaved. They know they are not supposed to bark at the neighbors and will generally stop barking when asked. They come when they are called. They know they are not allowed in the shed (where the delicious fertilizer is stored), and they don't dig much unless fertilizer is involved. We have had the most trouble with getting Berry to stop running the fence line with the neighbor dogs. Our yards are separated by a chain link fence covered with ivy (yes we know it is an evil plant); the dogs have managed to remove a lot of the ivy so they can play fight through the fence; that drives me nuts. I have some picket fence left over from a garden display, I am going to install the fence 12 inches or so in front of the chain link fence and hope the gap between the two will fill with enough ivy to keep the dogs from seeing through the fence. The picket fence is yellow (yuck) but if it looks like it is working I will paint it a neutral color.

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