Friday, January 12, 2007

Polar Bear Swim!

Today Berry fell into the pond! The frog spitter froze up in the cold and while Berry was investigating the frog he noticed the icicles hanging around the pond and decided to harvest one, he must have slipped on the icy rocks, his back end fell right in. Sarah pulled him out right away. The pond is only 16" deep so Berry probably could have pulled himself out, but Sarah didn't want to take any chances.

Dogs are a lot like kids. Many of the things in the garden that are potentially hazardous to children are also hazardous to our pets. Pond and pool safety are very important, please take the time to educate your self on and review the potential hazards in your own garden.

On a lighter note, the garden is producing a lot of ice! We like green beans better, but fresh ice is quite delicious!

Berry & his collection of ice...Sarah makes him keep it outside

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