Saturday, April 07, 2007

Teacup agility & Gardenpalooza

A little white terrier waits for the cue to jump through the ring, and Arthur can hardly contain his excitement!
Wow, what a fun day! Little dogs and plants!

I started off the day at a Teacup Agility match at Cash's Arena in Sherwood. It was fun to watch all of the little dogs having so much fun. I was delighted to see one of my favorites compete, Arthur the Chihuahua. I saw Arthur compete at the Willamette Toy Dog Fanciers show last November; (I had entered Berry in the pre-novice obedience competition, but after we did the practice run the night before we realized he wasn't ready, so I just watched the other dogs compete) Arthur was the happiest dog there, I swear he must have woken up with sore tail muscles the next day!

Later, I met my sister at Fir Point Farms for Gardenpalooza. So many plants, so little money! We planned ahead and brought our own cart to haul plants on-a good thing since we found a lot to buy! I got a very cool Clematis recta 'Midnight Wine' from Edelweiss Perennials; it has purple foliage, is shrubby (not a climber) and will have white flowers this summer. I bought a Cyclamen-leaved Violet (Viola coreana) from Wild Ginger Farm. Gretchen from River Rock Nursery was there too, so I bought 2 Sunshine Blue Blueberries from her, I'll plant one with the eating blueberries, and one in the garden for the dogs and birds.

Fir Point Farms also makes some awesome apple cider doughnuts; Fuel for shopping!

L-R: Epimedium grandiflorum 'Yubae', Viola coreana, Clematis recta 'Midnight Wine', & Geum rivale

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