Monday, June 04, 2007

First Camping Trip of the Season!

We took off one day last week for our first night camping since last fall. The weather was so hot at home, but was comfortable in the woods. While we have all of the camping gear organized and packed up so it is pretty easy to get everything together for a quick trip, the first trip of the season doesn't always go smooth, we forgot a few things.

The Man of the house packed enough firewood for camping in December! It is 89 and sunny!
It was too hot to put the dogs in their crates in the back of the truck, and there is not enough room for two crates and two people in the cab...for safety I always have the dogs ride in their crates, what to do? I thought about having the man of the house ride in the back, but decided that was not the best idea. So we decided to have the dogs ride un-crated on the Man's lap...I expected the dogs to be their usual wild selves, but they settled down right away; Basil sat up and looked out the window, and Berry curled up with the AC blowing in his face. I plan to buy them dog seat belts for future trips.

We got a very late start...but there was almost no one at the camp ground, so moved right into our favorite spot; camping mid-week is very nice. We got to work right away setting up our home away from home; first things get the dogs situated. We set up the ex-pen, their sleeping bags, crates, toys & water. The man of the house started tending to the tent and firewood...I looked for the suitcase so I could change into sensible shoes: the suitcase wasn't in the truck! Yep, it was sitting on the bed at home...we had no long pant, no sweaters, and most important - no mosquito repellent! (But we did have everything for our precious pups!) Fortunately the campground is only a half hour from home! I may make a check list of supplies for our next trip!
While the dogs don't seem to mind their set up, I think the blue tarp look isn't the best, I may need to stitch up a cover with a little more "curb appeal"

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