Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gardens at Emanuel Hospital

I noticed the Therapy garden at Legacy Emanuel Hospital on my third visit to the Trauma and Acute Care Unit...I wish I would have noticed it on the first visit, when I really needed a garden break! But, better late than never. The feel of the garden is very different than the feel of the OHSU Kohler Pavilion garden. The OHSU garden is very urban/big city feeling with a gorgeous view of the city; while the Emanuel garden is a courtyard between the Trauma Unit and the Children's Hospital, it feels warm and cheerful.

This part of the garden is fairly Serene, it has a "grown up" feel.

The Topiary is supposed to be a looks more like a rabbit to me!

Children's Garden Path

The Children's garden is very playful...on the sunny days I saw many children enjoying exploring the must be a relief to the parents to have a place where kids can be kids amidst the serious hospital environment.

This Garden has Two Turtles

A Tin Man

And a Cow!

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