Sunday, August 05, 2007

Summer Flowers

Our Garden in Early August

Osteospermum 'Bronze Charm'
I found this plant on a clearance rack at Fred Meyer for 50 cents! I bought six of them.

Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me'
I planted this late last summer. This year it has proven itself as a day lily worthy of space in our garden, it has bloomed non stop.

Gardenia jasmonoides 'Veitchii'
Growing gardenias here is a bit of a challenge, our winters are just a bit too cold for them, but they don't like to be brought into the house for the winter. We have worked out a compromise...into the garage on the coldest of nights, but outside as much as possible. This year I moved the pot into a location that gets full sun until about 1pm and then is in the shade; this seems to be the ideal situation.

Berry Posing in the Foliage
Our garden isn't all flowers, foliage color and texture is interesting the year round. Usually by early august this part of the garden is looking a little ragged, but since we got a few good rains in July, things are looking pretty good.

Brunnera macrophyla 'Langtrees'
This has blue for get me not like flowers in spring, but I think the foliage is it's best feature...the snails don't seem to like it much!

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