Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seven Random Min Pin Facts

We are not sure if the Cottage Smallholder tagged us for the 7 random facts meme, or Sarah...but since Sarah is breaking the rule of tagging other bloggers (she's not doing it) we thought we should post very interesting facts about us:

1. Our bark is music for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. We bark at squirrels, the neighbors, birds at the feeder, at each other, and at the wind.

2. Green Beans, lettuce, and snap peas are our favorite vegetables. Blueberries and the berries on the hardy Fuchsia (Fuchsia magelanica ‘Alba’) are our favorite fruits. We used to like the apples, but they gave us tummy aches.

3. Snails…Sarah goes into the garden with us each morning and smashes all the snails she can find, then we let them dry in the sun and then enjoy their fragrance as we roll around on them; once we have transferred their intoxicating smell to our fur we eat them, snail jerky, yum!

4. We love to tan. We lay in the sun for hours, our tummies turn black, at first Sarah thought it was dirt, but it didn’t wash off! In winter our tummies are pink.

5. Our ancestors were bred to catch varmints; we work hard to live up to those expectations. Sarah is pleased when we catch moles and rats, not so pleased when we catch baby birds. We keep our hunting skills sharp by practicing daily on bees, honey bees are our favorite, we don’t like the hornets though…their stings are too spicy!

6. We love plants (and not just the ones that we can eat). We love lavender, its foliage smells good, and it’s flowers attract bees. We love the lawn, especially the shady spots where we can cool off after hours of sunbathing. We love the neighbors Euphorbia, we could spend hours sniffing it on our walks, but Sarah gets impatient so we only get to sniff for a few seconds before we must continue on. We love the Douglas Fir tree, it protects us from the rain and is where the squirrels live!

7. We have a very busy life. We get up at 8:30, eat & take care of our dog “business” then it’s back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then we play, patrol, and hunt for a few hours then it is nap time again. We go for a walk, and then more sleep. Dinner at 6:30, and a nap until bed at 10:30. It is enough to wear a dog out!


Cottage Smallholder said...

Hi B and B,

I read your article with interest. I then read it out loud to our Min Pins and showed them your photos which they enjoyed with many tail wags and sniffs.

In fact they have insisted that I respond to your post with a post about them and their antics!

Berry & Basil said...

Thanks for posting your facts( ) We enjoyed learning about Min Pin life in an English village! We wish we had some ducks!