Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Frozen Garden

The Pond's Frog Spitter Continues to Work, But the Pond is Pretty Icy!

It hasn't been as cold as was predicted, but everything is pretty well frozen. The east wind is bitterly cold, none of us want to go outside!
So far the frog continues to spit. The saucers of water for the birds need to be defrosted often, but the hummingbird feeder hasn't frozen up yet. The Min Pins are enjoying the sun through the windows.
I peeked in on the vegetables...they are all frosty. I hope they all survive; if they don't it will make our goal of eating something homegrown every day a lot harder!
When the dogs go out they only stay out for a few minutes, some people make fun of dogs in coats and sweaters, but at 12 and 14 pounds Basil and Berry get cold really fast...they don't mind their coats! The ASPCA's website has some tips on winter weather and pets.

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