Tuesday, February 19, 2008

YGP Show Features Dog Friendly Gardens

Last weeks Yard Garden and Patio Show at the Oregon Convention Center featured several garden displays with dog friendly elements and one garden designed especially for dogs. It was fun to check out all of the vendor's booths and to catch up with gardening buddies.

Prograss has a pet friendly garden display with dog available for adoption from the Oregon Humane Society. Two features of the garden caught my eye...a stone dog den (way cooler than a dog house!) and a dished out rock basin at ground level.

TayTay a puppy available for adoption, enjoys a drink from a stone water bowl.

The garden called "Progressive Refuge" Designed by Linda Meyer and installed by JP Stone Contractors had a combination fire pit & fountain...the combination of fire and water usually disturbs me, however this feature was pretty neat. I loved the glass, although I don't think I would consider it dog friendly...I can imagine a trip to the emergency vet after one of the Min Pins launches himself into the fountain after a bird or a squirrel!

A dog bed sits along side a teak bench.

I am not much of a shopper and rarely will buy anything at one of these shows, but I enjoy "window" shopping. Pistils Nursery's booth drew me in...they "promote country living in the city". In addition to plants, Pistils sells baby chickens, and offers classes on keeping them. I have walked past the nursery several times on my way to Salty's Dog & Cat Shop, but have never stopped in...I will definitely be stopping in next time I'm in their neighborhood!

Another booth, Cute Things R Us, had toy rabbits in cages...very cute, but I resisted!


Jack Hays booth and garden caught my eye too. He is a designer and an artist/sculptor. His garden displays are often over the top contemporary/tropical feeling; this year a feature of his display was couches recycled into garden seating. He had wall pocket planters (I think that is what they are called) for sale in his booth...many vendors had these for sale, but I liked Jack's the best, I could see them fitting into one of my gardens.

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