Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barberry & Basil

Getting back into the blogging thing...Berry & Basil didn't seem to miss me chasing them around the garden with my camera; they stayed busy for the past year and a half, lots to write about; I won't wear out our readers with a full update, just tidbits.

We finally figured out the food issue for the poor boys! After months of trying homemade food, the boys were still having tummy flare ups (mild pancreatitis?) so I broke down and took the vets recommendation to try Purina HA dry kibble...WOW that food goes against everything I have tried to feed the dogs in the past; it is so highly processed (to remove potential allergens) that it is nearly white in color! However, they have been eating it for over a year now and rarely have any trouble (no panreatitis flare ups!). The only time they have upset tummies is when they spend too much time in the garden hunting grubs (the grape eating fiasco will be in another post!) Their coats are soft and shiny, they are a good weight, and have boundless energy and appetites.

Basil Napping with the Man of the house after a day gardening

I think that chicken may have been the problem. Now I'm very careful about what they get as treats. The Purina HA looks boring, so I add a veggie treat to their dishes; I had been using a dollop of canned pumpkin, but with the great 2009 pumpkin shortage there is none to be found in the stores, so I give them a slice of whatever is in the crisper drawer...snap peas are their all time favorite. If they need a pill I will hide it in a tiny sliver of beef. For training treats they get veggies or a sliver of dried beef liver.
HA Kibble with chunks of steamed squash

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