Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring in our garden

I think our garden is at it's peak in mid May...this year everything is a week or two later...but there is still a lot of color in the garden right now. I think too often people focus on flowers for color and miss out on the color foliage contributes to the garden. The contrast between mature growth and new growth on conifers is one of my favorite spring sights...it just looks so fresh!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea with Granny Louise Cedar

Rhododendron, Hosta, and Japanese Forest Grass

Rhododendron...purple with ORANGE spots!

Daylily foliage, golden oregano, peony foliage, and new growth on the hemlock

White Clematis

We finally had a day off on the same day the weather decided to be nice! It was well past time to weed. It is amazing how much one can accomplish in just a couple of hours weeding...while the garden if far from weed-free, it sure looks a lot better now.

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