Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer Vacation

Between lots of rain and lots of work, it feels like we missed summer. It is September 17th and I have only picked a handful of ripe least we finally got to take our summer vacation!

The Man of the House managed to secure a three day weekend; we planned to go camping no mater the weather. The forecast started out for low 70's and showers, then it was bumped up to 80's and sun! It actually was upper 60's and dry the first night, but solid rain the second. Thankfully The man of the House has a thing for firewood...he kept us nice and warm.

The rain deposited a fresh layer of duff on the forest floor
Our usual campsite was waiting for us and we had most of the campground to ourselves. We didn't see any deer this trip, but did see horses, bunnies, and chipmunks. Of course I took lots of dog photos... but I think I'll share a vintage camping photo instead:
Grandpa Storrs helping Sarah with the air mattress at Beverly Beach Campground...1980?
Grandpa passed away a little over a week ago; he lived a great 95 years. Grandpa was a major fixture in my life. One of my fondest memories is of Grandpa, my sister and I, picking red huckleberries in Shelton and making them into a little pie...the pie wasn't especially good, but I remember the pride I felt having a Grandpa who would take us on a hike in the woods, find berries, and then help us make pies.

The Man of the House and I didn't pick any berries on this camping trip...too wet to think about picking, but we did see some in the woods.
Oregon Grape
Mahonia aquafolium
Rose Hip

Gaultheria shallon
It was over a year since our last camping trip to McIver Park...sometime over the past year they installed a new boat dock above the dam. It looks like a nice place for catching some fish.

Barberry, and Basil with the Man of the House, Fall 2010 on the new McIver Park Boat Ramp
This photo was taken in about the same spot as the photo above...on Barberry's first camping trip in 2005...Berry was just 6 months old.

Reflections in the Clackamas River

Back at home now, we just need one sunny day to get the tent dried out!

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