Thursday, July 27, 2006

Favorite Plant

Most of the garden has survived the heat quite well. There are a few burned Heuchera and Hosta, and the Toadlilies are a little crispy on the edges, but over all things look good. Of course I have had to water the pots everyday and use the sprinkler in the beds a little more often (we usually set the sprinklers up every 10 - 12 days and spot water as needed and the pots are watered every other day).

The plant that did the best was the Water Lily! It loved the sun and heat, blooming away through it all with no babying by me. The little birds enjoyed taking baths on its leaves, and the dogs enjoy an occasional sip of its water. I don't know the variety of lily, it was a free discarded plant from a nursery. It is a very small growing type, the leaves are 3" across and the flowers are 2" across. It is planted in a pot in side a 24" wide by 18" deep glazed pot. It is cold hardy and trouble free. I fertilize it once a month and remove dead leaves as needed. In the spring I add a mosquito dunk to keep mosquito larva out; I would like to get a fish to control the mosquito's, but I worry it would be fished by Berry (or a raccoon).

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