Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vegies & Po Boy

Today we went to visit our friend Sue in Scappoose. Sue has a huge vegetable garden that I have wanted to see for a long time. Sue imports and sells Asian Vegetable Seeds so her garden has more than just the ordinary vegetables. Sue also sells vegetables at the Pearl District Farmers Market. Before we toured her garden she fed us a delicious lunch of salad rolls made from home grown vegies.

Sue's garden is full of ripe vegies; she obviously got started a lot earlier than I did. I have flowers on my tomatoes, Sue has ripe fruit! As Sue took us through her garden she picked lots of vegies for us to take home. Cucumbers were our first stop on the tour; Sue picked some nice light green cucumbers called Stallion White Cucumber, they are about 6-8" long and burpless, they will make a great Greek salad when combined with Oregon Spring tomatoes. Speedy Silver zucchini was next on our tour, they are very light green, almost white with a nice firm texture; I'm sure they will be great grilled with olive oil and garlic. She gave us a big handfull of Ruby Crest Green Beans, they are a nice wide green bean with a purple splotches; I think we will grow these next year, the purple will make them easy to see for harvesting. Sue know how much I like home-grown eggplant so she started some Opus Eggplant plants for my garden! The Opus Eggplants are a small round variety, the seed package says they are perfect for Eggplant Parmesan, yummy. She also gave us a Dwarf Yellow Bell Cherry Tomato plant with ripe tomatoes on it, I'll add them to the Greek salad.

We got to meet Sues dog, Po Boy. He was rescueued from hurricane Rita; what a lucky dog. Sue is lucky too, Po Boy doesn't like vegetables they way that Berry and Basil do!

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