Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fertilizer and Dogs

I prefer to use organic gardening products when ever possible. The dogs agree with me. Basil says "Yes, that Dr. Earth fertilizer smells and tastes very nutritious! It must be good for the plants".

Last night I attended a monthly meeting with several Landscape Designers. The topic we discussed was "Gardening With Pets In Mind". I had hoped to get some tips on fertilizing the garden with out the dogs digging up the freshly fertilized plants. Unfortunately no one had any new ideas. I may need to try some chemical based fertilizer until the dogs are a bit older; Osmocote or something similar probably won't have as much of an odor as the organic fertilizers; the dogs will let me know! I will also try temporarily fencing off plants; I'll look for some of that short green wire fencing on sale.

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