Friday, August 11, 2006

Whos Out There?

OK. So Sarah complains about our barking...but we really think something is amisss...We didn't come in when called, especially with good treats, and then we barked in our Dog Houses (AKA Crates). Sarah is Freaked out, so she called the non-emergency police number for our neighborhood; they will send a patrol car around...

We are still barking...Sarah just saw a police car (more than cruising) our street....Maybe there is really something going on?

Dogs really have to be on top of stuff 24 - 7 . Sarah might complain about our barking (what is this de-barking nonsense?), but we really let her know what might be happening in the hood. Gosh the wussy cats will only growl if someone is actually in the yard, and if they are anyplace other than right next to a person when they growl no one will know to call the police...Cats are too refined and quiet!

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