Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Full Day of Camp Exploration

Basil in his pink polka dots and Berry in his green polka dots

When we woke up in the morning, Sarah dressed us in our coats...It really wasn't all that cold. Sarah says our polka dot coats are cute, but we think we are very handsome without them. We are very good at undressing each other!

Off with the sissy dots!

After breakfast we kept guard over the camp site while the the people read. After what seemed like hours, we got to go on a hike! The hike was a little long for our short legs, Basil asked to be carried, but his request was refused. Fortunately there were SNACKS (AKA "Horse Poop") all over the trail! There was plenty of poop, we don't understand why Sarah asked us to "leave it". Sarah learned from the California Horsemen web site that horses poop up to 50 pounds of these delicious snacks a day! Maybe we should get a horse!

McIver Park has great trails lined with native plants like Western Sword Fern

After our hike we were all pooped out! We took a long quiet nap while we waited for dinner. After dinner we went on a short walk and then cozied up for an evening by the fire. It was a littler cooler tonight, but we didn't need our coats, we kept warm cuddling on/in our sleeping bags.

Good Night

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