Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two Nights in the Woods!

We spent two nights in the woods! Well actually in our sleeping bags, inside our crates, inside a tent, but still in the woods. We had a great time, and are exhausted from it.

The first day we mostly watched the campsite set up and went on short walks around the camp ground; there were so many good smells! Sarah found Poison Oak in our camp site, so she kept a close watch on us. Poison Oak ususally won't bother dogs, but it can transfer from our fur onto our people. This is a good reason for dogs to stay on the trail when hiking; not that protecting the delicate woodland plants and critters isn't reason enough!

There are a lot of chores associated with roughing it in the woods. We had to keep watch for squirrels, wandering dogs, chirping birds, and people walking past our campsite; the horses didn't bother us much, but we were at the ready just in case one should get too close! Kindling preparation was another of our responsibilities; we are excellent wood shredders. The man of the camp took care of all of the axe work and left us to shred fire-starting material.

We were not allowed to get too close to the fire, but it was nice and warm. And we watched marshmallows roasting on sticks! Food on a stick is fabulous; sadly, we did not get to eat marshmallows, next time we hope Sarah packs hot dogs!

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