Friday, October 06, 2006

Fried Green Tomatoes

Well, I am about ready to give up on ripe tomatoes...
But we have a bumper crop of green tomatoes!

I have done all that I can to encourage them to ripen; we turned off the automatic water nearly a month ago, I trimmed off all of the flowers and small fruit, and I removed the excess foliage to allow the sun in and to allow the plants to dry off after a rain. I will give them another week and then they will be pulled up and hung in the garage.

We pulled out the beans and replaced them with Mustard Spinach, Red Sails Lettuce, Leafy Shield Spinach, Silver Bell Sweet Turnip, and Snow Man Baby Bok Choy. When we pull up the eggplant and peppers they will be replaced with Swiss chard and Polar Ice Lettuce. We are going to be prepared for the day the food safety police ban all store bought greens!

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