Monday, October 02, 2006

Favorite Plant

The fuchsia berries are ripe! They are a tangy treat. We gobble them up from the ground and then pick what we can reach right off the bushes. The first time Sarah saw Berry under the Fuchsia bush she thought he was eating bugs; she was surprised to find him eating berries, but she knew they were edible, so no worries.

Hardy Fuchsia bloom summer until frost. They may die back to the ground in cold winters, but will grow up to full size as long as their roots have been protected from the cold; plant them deep, like a tomato plant. In the spring cut them back to 12 inches from the ground and watch them attain full size by mid-summer. Hardy Fuchsia grow in bright shade to full sun, however they don't want to cook in a hot location. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has an interesting article on their website titled Edible Plants That Look Great in the Garden; We recommend you check it out and plant more food!

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