Monday, November 20, 2006

Another Post About Tomatoes

This blog was supposed to be about my experiences learning to garden with dogs...But I sure have posted a lot about my tomato plants! OK, this will be the last tomato post until next spring.
Hanging the tomato vines in the garage to ripen really worked well, much better than I had expected it to. We got enough ripe tomatoes to fill our food dryer twice, resulting in about a half gallon of dried tomatoes! I wrapped small potions of the tomatoes in plastic and stuck them into the freezer; I like to keep them frozen so that I don't have to worry about the possibility of mold. The tomatoes are a great addition to pasta, and they make a killer compound butter for grilled fish.

We ended up with two big trays of ripe tomatoes, resulting in about a half gallon of dried tomatoes.
Next year I think I will plant two Roma plants (this year we planted three), but get them into the garden as soon as the weather allows. There should be room for a couple of dwarf cherry tomato plants at the edges of the beds; they will be nice for salads.

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