Friday, April 27, 2007

Mulch Mountain

We had one unit (7.4 yards) of Douglas fir bark delivered...usually we pick up 2 yards at a time in my pickup, but this year we needed to mulch almost the entire yard, so I decided to have it delivered, plus, it was actually cheaper to have it delivered than to pick it myself...when I ordered it, delivery seemed like a good I wonder...due to the weather and other commitments, we have had bark in the driveway for weeks, the pile seems never ending. Buying a pickup load at a time does break the chore up into manageable chunks.

Mulching the beds is an important garden chore, the layer of mulch will help to retain moisture, but most important to me, is its help in smothering weed seeds. Plus, the beds look so fresh and tidy with a new layer of bark. One can calculate how much bark to order by figuring out the square footage of the space plus how thickly one wants to apply it, plug that info into this calculator, or give the information when you place the order.

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