Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let the demolition begin!

This past winter was the last one we will have to worry about the wind or snow destroying the patio cover! Every May our city has a neighborhood clean up day when you can get rid of trash for very little cash, this was our deadline for taking off the old cover. Most of the cover was in pretty bad shape, but some of the lumber was good enough for us to save to use when we build a firewood shed. Tearing down the cover was a messy job, decades of leaf litter, fir needles, and moss had built up on the cover. It started to rain partway through the job, the moss sucked up the moisture like a sponge! We had planned to use the chainsaw to cut down the structure, but since we use only electric power tools at our house, the rain changed our plans! Thank goodness the man of the house is good with a bow saw.

It is amazing how much light the old green cover blocked! Our living room is now bright and cheerful, but we better get moving on building a new cover before it gets hot.

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