Saturday, July 28, 2007

Primroses in July?

Primroses never really interested me until a few years ago when I got some for a display garden I built for the Portland Home & Garden Show...I had previously never given primroses much of a thought, other than how much I disliked their flower colors that don't look natural in February! Primula Tie Dye changed my mind. It has denim blue and white flowers and has grown vigorously in my garden. I divided a patch of it this spring and it has rewarded me with non-stop blooms! Yes it is blooming in July, and has been blooming since November.

So far, the only pest to really bother them is cutworms...root weevils supposedly enjoy primula, but we have those pretty much under control. Our soil is pretty heavy in clay, so they do best with frequent division and soil amending in our garden.

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