Friday, August 03, 2007

Pets in the Pearl

Last week Sarah went to Pets in the Pearl, it was a big pet fair fundraiser for Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital and The Cat Adoption Team. While the event was "pet friendly" it was not necessarily "Berry & Basil friendly" so Sarah left us at home to nap and chew on our nyla bones.

Sarah talked to many vendors at the fair. She talked with Berry's friend and trainer Denise from Behave Canine Solutions; Denise has helped us with learning to stay relaxed around crowds of people and the noises of down town Portland. Sarah met a nice lady giving out samples of Dogswell Treats! We love the Dogswell Mellow Mutt Chicken Breast and are excited to try out their other treats. So far we have tried their new Vitality Biscuits...pretty good, but not as good as the chicken breast...we are looking forward to trying Happy Hips Duck Breast, Sweet Potato Fries, and especially the Happy Hips Chicken & Carrot - it looks like a piece of chicken wrapped around a carrot stick!

Basil Took the New Bee Toy Into His Crate For a Thorough Inspection!
Salty's Dog Shop was another vendor at the fair, they had a very tempting display of treats and toys. Sarah couldn't come home with out a toy! She bought a squeaky bee and Snap Biscuits. Maybe she will take us to visit the shop.

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