Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold East Wind Threatens The Garden

The coldest temperatures of the past four years are forecasted for this week. The water in the garden is already starting to freeze. We have moved most of the tender plants into the garage and shed. I know the garage will stay above freezing, but I'm not so sure how cold the shed will the lemons and the gardenias are in the garage the rest of the plants are in the shed...I hope the "shed plants" don't get their feelings hurt by being a little low on the priority list! I am curious to see how the vegetable garden comes through the cold, we have a lot of things that are ALMOST big enough to harvest.

I spread a few shovel fulls of bark mulch over the crowns of a few questionably hardy plants in the garden, mostly Hebe and hardy fuchsia. If something doesn't make it through the cold, it will be an opportunity to plant something new next spring!

The Min Pins are hating the cold, it looks so warm and sunny outside, but then they find out that it is really only 34 degrees with the east wind making it feel like 20! At least the sun comes through the glass so they can sunbathe inside next to the heater vent.

We may have snow late in the week!

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