Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Vacation

Cozy Log Cabin with a all in one range, sink, and refrigerator!
We generally travel with our dogs, this winters vacation was no exception. The dogs sleep in crates (we call them "houses") so as long as the crates come with us they feel at home wherever we are.
We have found a nice getaway called the Shamrock Lodgettes, in Yachats, Oregon. There are log cabins built in the 1950's that are dog friendly. They even have little kitchens so we can cook our meals instead of relying on restaurants where we would have to leave the dogs in the car. The grounds are spacious with plenty of space to walk the dogs and the beach is just a short flight of steps away.

A Windy Day on The Beach
There are often off-leash dogs on the beach, but so far we have found everyone to be respectful of our little dogs space and generally see people leash their dogs when they see us coming. We can't let our little Min Pins off leash, given the chance Berry would gorge himself on dead sea critters and Basil would launch himself into the ocean while chasing sea gulls.

Newport Bay and Boardwalk, Berry Checks out the previous dog visitors messages while Basil admires the view
We lucked out with the weather, we ran into a little snow on the trip over the coast range but we had sun and moderate temperatures for our first day on the beach. The Second day it was a little cool and windy, but no rain! We found lots of snow on the drive home; we stopped in the Tillamook forest for a quick romp in the snow...the dogs love the snow in small doses!
We Stopped Along the Highway to Admire Seal Rock...the Min Pins stayed in the car, they were tired from a day of touring

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tony hofer said...

Love reading Garden Dogs! From your tips on cooking to gardening to your dogs Berry and Basil. They are so cute. Great storys on the Northwest very inlighting. Sarah keep up the good work!
Tony Hofer