Friday, January 25, 2008

Little Dogs

A couple of days ago Deborah Wood, the pet columnist for the Oregonian Newspaper, featured us on her blog! We are honored to get her attention. Deborah is not only a writer for the newspaper, she is also the author of several great dog books.

Deborah Wood and Pogo at the Rosecity Classic Dog Show

When we decided to add a dog to our family I did a TON of research; I read books on dog breeds, dog training, dog care, dog sports, and anything else dog related. The joke at the library was that I was teaching my dog to read!

One book I found was "Little Dogs, Training Your Pint-Sized Companion" by Deborah Wood. Training a 12 inch tall dog is different from training big dog. When I first started working with Berry, my massage therapist found all sorts of new sore muscles in my back and arms, we thought it was from clenching the leash or something similar, but after reading Deborah's book I realized the soreness was related to bending and twisting to deliver treats to my little pup when he was in heel position! The book is very entertaining and easy to read; I had The Man of The House read it and he still remembers what he learned in it.

I recommend stopping in and checking out Deborah's blog, and reading her books; a link to the "Little Dogs" book is on my library at the left of this page.


tony hofer said...

Love reading Garden Dogs! From your tips on gardening to cooking to your adorable dogs Berry and basil. Great storys on the Northwest very inlghting. Sarah keep op the good work!
Tony Hofer
Vancouver, Wa

Sarah said...

Hi Tony! Thanks for stopping in!

Sarah, Berry & Basil